Complex Preparation
of Industrial Zones

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Our Task

Land preparation for the construction of industrial real estate

Preparation of industrial zones is one of the most demanding activities in the real estate industry

Scope of cooperation

Partners of UNIPORT participated in the preparation of more than 20 industrial zones with a total area of more than 1 mil. m2, in 4 countries of Central Europe, where more than 100 clients operate now.


Of experience in preparation of large areas


Of total area of zones


Where the projects were prepared


Clients operating
in prepared areas

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Harmonize the interests of land owners, representatives of cities and municipalities, infrastructure operators and end-users of industrial buildings is a very challenging task.

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Preparing the area so that industrial buildings can be built on it requires a lot of time, effort, special know-how and often considerable financial investment.

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Added Value

Properly dimensioned infrastructure, creating the future structure of the area, designing the right dimensions of buildings and obtaining the necessary permits increases the value of the area and shortens the time needed to build the industrial buildings themselves.

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